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Intern - Customer Success Partner EMEA South


The focus of this position is to help our clients successfully adopt and renew their investment in SAP Platform & Technologies (P&T) Cloud solutions, including SAP Platform, Databases, Data Management and Analytics.

In this role, guided by your tutor, you will:

- Work in the Customer Engagement Executives (CEE) Team, responsible for customer day-to-day engagement from license deal signing to contract renewal.
- Help customers with product onboarding in their business, project initiation and governance coaching.
- Develop customer-facing and negotiation skills needed to assist customers and help them manage critical situations.
- Learn how to successfully support customers to ensure they get maximum value from their SAP Platform & Technologies Cloud Solutions.
- Manage the renewal process for the entire cycle (including CRM, pricing, rev rec, legal, forecasting, etc.).

SAP è leader mondiale nelle soluzioni software per il business, SAP, conta oltre 74.500 dipendenti in 130 Paesi ed è presente SAP è presente in Italia con 2 sedi, a Milano e Roma, e impiega più di 600 dipendenti. Le applicazioni e i servizi SAP sono state scelte da oltre 293.500 aziende clienti e tale successo è stato costruito nel tempo grazie alla professionalità, competenza e innovazione delle persone che lavorano in SAP, il vero patrimonio dell'azienda.