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Project Management - Maverick Culture & Code Foundation, India (New Dehli)

Social Innovation Teams

The whole Fellowship Program is around Immersive Exploration, Building Experiences and Testing Self Perceived Competencies through Time bound Live Projects around Micro- Economics, Primary Education and Startups in India.
Objective is to translate and practice classroom theory (what you have learnt/know) around set of common problems (irrespective of countries) to build your own first hand experiences beyond classroom in real life & specific challenging situations. You will be engaging with community, local vendors, schools, students, teachers and collegians in planned manner.
A typical day/week will be like Brainstorming, Planning, Knowledge Sessions, Live Projects, Individual and Group Assignments amid lot of fun, agreements, disagreements and meeting experienced people from domain areas.
All your engagement will be mapped around certain competencies like Communication, Data Analysis, Project Ideation, Design, Planning, Execution, Writing Blogs, Creativity, Innovation etc. Local team members, Host Lead Coach or mentors will assist you in designing, exploration, translation, competence mapping, engaging with people and navigating to project sites.
At various timelines, you will be expected to deliver Idea Presentation around selected Domain, Project Design, Project Completion Report (PCR), Raw Data, Blogs, Video Films/Pictures and a document to explain how this fellowship will help you in your own context in native country.
Exposure during the Stay
Some time slots (like 1-2 weeks) is kept for your roaming around other states of India (as your wish list in BIF) to explore vividness of India- Culture, Thinking, Geography, Food, People, problems, challenges and opportunities.

At the End
Within 30 days of completion of your fellowship, you will be awarded with Leadership and Innovation Certificate, you will have the chance to continue the collaboration with Maverick foundation and you will take home Knowledge of Indian Culture, Education System and Schools in Tribal/Rural India.

Duration - 3 months
Accomodation – povided by the partner Vacancies:
October/December (6)January/March (6)March/May (6)June/August (6)September/December (6)

SIT - Social Innovation Teams è un'associazione no profit che promuove progetti di imprenditorialità e innovazione sociale, sia in Italia che all'Estero.
Il programma SIT Global South permette a studenti di svolgere un periodo di volontariato, stage o ricerca tesi presso uno dei nostri partner nel sud del mondo.